Fiji Waldorf Trust

The Board of the Fiji Waldorf Trust is responsible for all aspects of the kindergartens operations and operates within the Fiji Waldorf Trust Constitution. As specified in the constitution, the number of trustees, including ex-officio members, shall be at least three and no more than seven Board members. Membership on the Board is voluntary and open to parents and qualified community members by invitation.

Generally, the Board of Trustees includes The Head of School (Coordinator), a faculty representative (elected by the teachers), a chairperson, a treasurer, and a secretary and these positions shall be decided on by the members of the Board.

The Board is responsible for all aspects of the school’s operations, providing for the financial stability and physical well-being of the school and protecting its legal interests. Decisions on the school’s educational program support the tenets of Waldorf education and its underlying philosophy. The Board provides support for the mission of the kindergarten, working collaboratively with the Head of School and the school’s teachers, administrative staff and parents.