Educational concept and Curriculum
We aim to follow the educational principles of Rudolf Steiner. The children are from 2.5 to 6 years old, with children under 2.5 part of the Playgroup. According to Rudolf Steiner children follow a 7 year rhythm in their development and modern science confirms this in terms of neurological and social maturity which assures much faster learning. Therefore our older children should ideally be 6 1/2 years old when leaving the kindergarten. However this also largely depends on your choice of primary school and we will prepare our curriculum according to the expectation of that particular school. Our overall aim is to “instill a life-long love for learning”.

Generally one can speak of the development of the hand, heart and head. The hands are an image of the physical development through increasingly challenging movement on play equipment outside or through finer activities inside and its deep connection to MASTERING THE WILL. The heart is an image of the emotional development through social work, sharing tasks, perceiving oneself and the other people’s personality – the FEELING WORLD is growing here. The head is of course an image of the development of the intellectual capabilities through the language and conceptual tasks. This is the WORLD OF THINKING which is so vital for the school entry and yet cannot be achieved without.